Updated: January 31

Scan & Reserve is designed to help students find learning spaces, as well as spaces to have a quick snack on campus safely and conveniently.

Please Note:
Currently, the reservation function has been disabled. Learning Spaces have been reserved exclusively for students who require them for back-to-back online and in-person classes. First-come, first-served, Quick Stop spaces can be located via NYU Mobile or below, and do not require reservations, check-ins, or check-outs.

Types of Spaces Available

Quick Stop Spaces

Quick stop spaces are spaces that can be located on the fly for eating and drinking on campus.

  • Use NYU Mobile to find Quick Stop locations on-the-go or view the full list here
  • Furniture cannot be rearranged; chairs must remain 6 ft (2 m) apart and facing the same direction
  • 15 minute time limit
  • Talking and any other activity besides eating and drinking is not permitted
  • Deposit all trash and recycling in the proper receptacle

Learning Spaces

Learning spaces are reserved exclusively for students who need a designated space to take an online class and have an in-person class just before or after on campus. 

NYU safety and health protocols must be observed, including proper mask use.  Note: The availability of electrical outlets varies by location.

  • Headphones and microphone use is required
  • Eating is prohibited.  You are permitted to lower your mask for a brief moment to sip water or another beverage.
  • Bring your own device and charger

For students with in-person/on-line schedule adjacencies (back-to-back courses): advanced reservations have already been made for you! Look out for a confirmation email from the Registrar – you may need to show it to claim your seat.


While in a Space

  • NYU safety and health protocols must be observed, including proper mask use. Only remove your mask briefly while drinking (or, in the case of Quick Stop spaces, when eating or drinking)
  • Respect those around you and adhere to the talking rules pertaining to the space
  • While in a space, do not leave your items unattended. The on-site staff is not responsible for watching your belongings


  • If you experience problems with the physical space, Student Community Space Assistants and Campus Safety Officers are available to answer questions and provide information. If you observe someone failing to follow guidelines, students can notify the on-site Community Space Assistant to address the situation, or report a university public health and safety violation by emailing covid.compliance@nyu.edu or student.conduct@nyu.edu.
  • For assistance with the NYU Scan & Reserve app, contact NYU@Kettlespace.com
  • For help with the NYU Mobile app, contact the NYU IT Service Desk at AskIT@nyu.edu or 212-998-3333.