Updated: January 19

Classroom Safety

The vast majority of classes at NYU are currently held in-person, and classrooms are operating at their normal capacity. The University’s multilayered safety plan encompasses all areas of campus activity and includes required vaccination and testing, strict procedures for building access, mandatory face coverings, restrictions on events/gatherings, and eating on-campus guidance. And while classroom settings have not proven to be a source of transmission, we will be taking the following precautions in classrooms to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

  • Masks/Face Coverings: All persons inside NYU classrooms are required to wear masks, in accordance with public health guidelines.
  • Air Ventilation: Classroom HVAC systems will be optimized and monitored to provide improved air quality.
  • Cleaning: Classrooms and shared spaces will be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.
  • Classroom Seating: To assist with contact tracing, we ask that students choose a seat on the first day of class and use it for the duration of the semester.
  • Keeping Symptomatic Students Home: Students who are feeling ill are strongly advised to stay at home. No documentation of a healthcare visit or “doctor’s note” to excuse the absence will be required.


If you require accessibility accommodations, please contact either your instructor (students) or your department chair or director (faculty) prior to the first day of in-person class. For additional support for students, check out the Moses Center for Student Accessibility for information on equal educational opportunity and participation for students of all abilities.