NYU continues to monitor developments around COVID-19 and adjust our protocols to align with current guidance. With a lowered risk of serious illness— thanks to the effectiveness of vaccines and more widely available medication for COVID-19—widespread restrictions have mostly been lifted around the world and on NYU’s campuses.

NYU COVID-19 Guidance For Everyone

Whether you're a student, faculty, or employee, or you are temporarily visiting, affiliated with, or contracting for NYU, you can find NYU's COVID-related information here.

Vaccination & Boosters

We encourage everyone in the NYU community to stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination. While NYU no longer requires COVID-19 vaccination for most community members and guests, vaccination is a key tool in reducing the impact of a COVID-19 infection and helps prevent the spread to others. A limited amount of COVID-19 vaccines are available for students at the NYU Student Health Center.  Faculty and employees should seek vaccination from their care providers or local community health providers.
Note: Primary series vaccination continues to be required for covered Dental students and Dental employees in accordance with applicable law.

Masks are Always Welcome

As a community, we embrace the choice by friends, classmates, and colleagues to wear a mask and are committed to establishing an atmosphere where masks are always welcomed. Masking is only required in healthcare settings (e.g. Student Health Center, Dental Practice).  Higher quality masks include: disposable masks (surgical or medical procedure masks), KN95 masks, KF94 masks, and N95 masks.

Guidance for Symptoms, Exposure & Testing 

NYU community members who are experiencing symptoms, tested positive, or were exposed to COVID-19 should follow the CDC COVID-19 guidance for next steps, precautions, and testing. 

For medical care and questions about your personal circumstances:  

As a reminder, stay home anytime you are sick—whether it’s COVID-19, the flu, or another illness.  


Short-term visitors, affiliates, contractors, and vendors are not required to comply with COVID-19 policies or requirements. However, they must be sponsored by an NYU employee or student before coming to campus. Sponsors will use NYU’s standard processes for granting campus access.