Maeve DuVally

In this episode, Maeve DuVally, Managing Director of Communications at Goldman Sachs, shares her story as a transgender female, the evolution of which occurred while working at the financial services giant, Goldman Sachs.

Maeve DuVally is a managing director in Corporate Communications. She serves on the Structured Products Committee and the Americas Regional Vetting Group. Maeve joined Goldman Sachs in 2004 as a vice president and was named managing director in 2010.

Prior to joining the firm, Maeve worked in media relations at Merrill Lynch. Before that, she was a financial journalist and editor at Bridge News for nearly 15 years.

Maeve serves on the advisory boards for the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship and the Association of Foreign Correspondents; and, the community board of Connecticut-based LGBTQ health provider Anchor Health Initiative. She earned a BA in English from Providence College in 1983 and was a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism School in 1994.