Laura and Tyler Perino

Photo courtesy of Laura and Tyler Perino

In this episode, Tyler Perino, the survivor of college hazing rituals while a student at Miami University in Ohio, and his mother Laura, talk with Karen about Tyler's experience in an effort to educate others regarding the dangers of hazing and to stop hazing on college campuses.

Tyler is currently a Junior at University of Toledo (UT) studying Psychology with a minor in forensics. He would like to make a career out of making change for the better. He started with being an athlete at Sienna heights in Adrian, MI, as a baseball player. He transferred to Miami and then to UT. He loves football, baseball, basketball and fishing. He loves spending time with his cousins and has 2 younger brothers: Brady, 18, and Max, 16. 

Laura is a clinical therapist and works in private practice in Toledo, Ohio.