Cindy Liccardo and Lew Korngut

Cindy Liccardo, above, and Lew Korngut

On this episode of You Matter!, Cindy Liccardo, former senior Mercer County assistant prosecutor and chief of the Megan's Law unit, and Lew Korngut, former Mercer County assistant prosecutor and chief of the homicide task force, speak with Karen about the origins of Megan's Law.

Cindy Liccardo is an accomplished criminal trial attorney with extensive jury trial experience and currently serves as Assistant Municipal Prosecutor in the Office of the Trenton Municipal Prosecutor in Trenton, New Jersey. Prior to her current role, she was a Senior Assistant Prosecutor in Mercer County, New Jersey, where she held a variety of positions including Chief of the Grand Jury Unit, Shooting Response Team, Animal Neglect Unit, Chief of the Megan's Law Unit, and others.

Lew Korngut is currently a Municipal Court Judge and former criminal trial attorney. He has tried more than seventy-five jury trials including numerous high profile cases such as State v. Timmendequas (case that prompted Megan’s Law).
He coordinated complex homicide, fraud, corruption, and internal investigations and developed and supervised the initial Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the initial Child Abuse and Sexual Assault unit.