Amanda Quick

Amanda Quick

On this episode, Karen speaks with Amanda Quick, the author of the memoir “The Sex Trafficker’s Wife,” a story of crime and betrayal. While Amanda was at home raising her three small boys, her husband was at work, unbeknownst to Amanda, living a life of crime, sex trafficking minors. This is Amanda’s story.

Amanda Quick is an international bestselling author, public speaker, energy healer, and empowerment coach.  

Her memoir "The Sex Trafficker's Wife", which was released January 2023, shares the biggest trauma of her life, when her ex-husband was arrested for Attempted Human Trafficking in 2016.  

That event was a pivotal moment that changed everything. It was her catalyst for a spiritual awakening, and taught her how vital it was for her to take back her power, and fight for herself and her children.  

Today, Amanda runs her own healing and coaching business and is the host of the newly released podcast, "The Amanda Quick Show".  


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