Taylor O'Brien

Taylor O'Brien

Meet Taylor O’Brien, diagnosed with Stage 3C low-grade ovarian cancer on September 13, 2022.  According to the American Cancer Society, this cancer mainly develops in women over 55 or after menopause. On June 24, 2023, Taylor celebrated her 29th birthday; this is her story.

Taylor O’Brien, 29, is a Stage 3C Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer survivor and cancer fighter. Diagnosed at 28 years old on September 13th, 2022, she is currently fighting the disease with a goal of raising awareness for other young women and to shine light on this severely under talked about cancer. Research, symptoms, and resources are hard to find so she has taken it upon herself to get these items out to the masses. With a bubbly outgoing personality, she makes videos on Tik Tok, uses social media, is active in support groups and shares her story on podcasts, such as You Matter in order to raise awareness!

Taylor attended West Chester University, and during her time there met her husband Chris. She graduated Cum Laude and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management. While completing her final semester, she completed an internship in the Human Resources Department of Doylestown Hospital that began her career in human resources, and ultimately, to her dream job as a recruiter. Taylor’s time at Doylestown came to an end when her health became a priority; the lessons learned and the friends made at Doylestown Hospital were invaluable.  

When Taylor’s not busy raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer, she can be found playing with makeup – either on herself, or others. She loves to spend time with her West Chester University girls, tuning into a Steelers game during football season, walking her dog, reading a book, or cooking!  

Taylor’s greatest goal is to shed light on the signs, symptoms, resources, and research for this heinous disease. Please do yourself a favor and click on the links below to educate yourself on Ovarian Cancer as well as the signs & symptoms. Please remember, this is no longer just your mother’s or your grandmother’s cancer, look at me. 


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