Kit Turner

Kit and Myles Turner

Kit and Myles Turner and Family

On this episode, Karen speaks with Kit Turner. On November 28, 2021, Kit lost her 20 – year - old son Myles to suicide; Kit is here to share her son’s story and how she has turned her heartbreak into advocacy regarding suicide prevention.

Kit Turner has spent her entire 30-year career on Wall Street representing women, minority, and Hispanic-owned investment banking firms.  Sadly, Kit lost her 20-year-old son Myles to suicide Thanksgiving weekend 2021.  Kit continues to be a mom of two beautiful children, but now is an angel mom to Myles.

In addition to Kit’s investment banking career, she is now dedicating her life, with her son Myles by her side, to help bring awareness and prevention to this silent disease and to help break the stigma around mental health.

Kit’s family and all of Myles’ lifelong friends had ZERO awareness that Myles was suffering until after that weekend that changed their lives forever.  There has been progress—the 988 suicide hotline number, the text crisis line 741741, and the tremendous work of the JED Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  But there is so much more to do!


JED Foundation

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention