Kate Brookes

Kate Brookes

In this episode, Karen welcomes Kate Brookes. Kate is a writer, producer, political junkie, LGBTQ ally and proud mom of twins- one of whom is transgender. Kate is here to share her daughter’s story, as well as her own as the mother of a transgender child.

Kate Brookes is an award-winning TV reporter/anchor turned producer/filmmaker, who has interviewed everyone from Beyonce to Barbara Walters, field produced for The Discovery Channel, written for Today.com, and emceed galas, live events, and webcasts for non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.

An activist since her teenage years, Kate has devoted countless hours to the causes she supports, including mental health, housing justice, and anti-gun legislation. But it wasn’t until realizing she’d completely botched the birth announcement for her twin boys that she became active in LGBTQ causes.

Now, the mom to one 13-year-old son and one 13-year-old transgender daughter, Kate is engaged in the trans community in NYC and nationwide, producing videos for the Ackerman Institute’s Gender and Family Project, serving as a resource to parents of trans kids from California to Connecticut, and fielding questions from journalists, camps, and schools. With the publication of Transister, Kate will formalize her role as a trans ally and advocate and bring her humorous, yet heartfelt messages of hope, acceptance, and fashion do’s and don’ts to a larger audience.