Patti McSteen sitting on a bench with glasses in her hand.

Patti McSteen, Senior Associate Vice President and Deputy, Global Campus Safety

In the Season 7 opening episode, Karen speaks with Patti McSteen, Senior Associate VP and Deputy, Global Campus Safety, a new member of Campus Safety leadership. A main objective of this podcast is to highlight resources available to the NYU community; Patti is exactly that. At the end of this conversation, you will have an understanding of the value that Patti brings to Campus Safety based upon on her education and professional experience, and the resource that her role provides the members of our community.

Patti McSteen just celebrated her 6 month anniversary at NYU as the Senior Associate Vice President and Deputy of Global Campus Safety. Her time is spent finding ways to engage with students and the larger NYU community and contributing to the Department of Campus Safety leadership.  Patti's background in student affairs, well-being, and mental health adds a nuanced and unique perspective on how the department can best support and interact with the University community.