In addition to its educational programming, Campus Safety operates initiatives that assist community members with retaining their personal property, and help get it back if it is lost or stolen. Current initiatives and their details are listed below.

An image of a lock your door sign on a door.

Lock Your Door

Lock Your Door is a residence hall initiative that encourages on-campus residents to lock their doors when they leave through the placement of stickers near the door handle. Stickers are posted in residence halls by facilities partners and can also be provided upon request from Campus Safety by emailing

An image of a phone with a violet tag sticker on the back.

Violet Tag

Our Violet Tag program provides community members with the opportunity to place an adhesive sticker on their valuable property, so that if it is lost or stolen and recovered, it can be returned to them.

The stickers have a property protection component, so if they are removed, a marking will be left behind on the item.

Items eligible for this service include laptops, cell phones, bicycles and more.

This service is available at all of our tabling events or also by request, by emailing

Here's how the process works:

  1. Community members bring their devices to an event.
  2. The community member taps their NYU ID on our card reader. This allows us to collect the member's name, email, and Net ID so we can contact you if your item is found and returned.
  3. Campus Safety then scans a sticker into the Violet Tag system and asks the community member to type in their device information, such as: device type, device color, alternative phone number (if registering a phone), and device serial number.
  4. Campus Safety applies the sticker to the registered device.
  5. The community member repeats steps 2-4 for each device they are registering.

Following registration, if an item is lost or stolen and found by local law enforcement, the sticker will alert them to contact Campus Safety, at which time we can reference the sticker against our system and help return the item to our community member. No data or information is shared outside of Campus Safety to perform this process.