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Clery Campus Safety Communications Video


New York University is committed to providing a secure environment for the campus community. As part of that effort, the University offers a variety of communications on safety issues, including: the Daily Crime Log of incidents reported to the Department of Campus Safety, Timely Warning Notifications via NYU Clery Campus Notices, and NYU Alert Emergency Notifications, collectively keeping the campus community informed via phone, text messaging, email, and other channels of communication. The video above explains the different types of communications that we disseminate and how to understand the difference, so community members can take appropriate action.

For answers to frequently asked questions about our Timely Warnings - NYU Clery Campus Notices, please visit our FAQ page.

Clery Campus Notice Listing



Timely Warning Policy

As mandated by the Clery Act, New York University issues Timely Warning Notifications, known as Clery Campus Notices, when incidents reported to the Department of Campus Safety or other Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) represent continuing threats to the campus community. The goal of sending a Clery Campus Notice is to give members of the campus community information that will allow them to adjust their behavior to protect their personal safety.

Decisions regarding whether to issue a Clery Campus Notice are made on a case-by-case basis by the Vice President of Global Campus Safety, or their designee, taking into account the nature and location of the crime and whether there is a continuing threat to the campus community. The Vice President for Global Campus Safety will consult with members of the University Leadership Team regarding the Clery Campus Notice, unless time does not allow.

When enough details about the incident are known to provide useful information to the campus community, the Vice President of Global Campus Safety, or their designee, will send a Clery Campus Notice via the University’s email system. The NYU Clery Campus Notice email is different from NYU Alert, which is used only in the event of a significant campus emergency and employs multiple forms of instant communication, such as phone calls and text messages.

Clery Campus Notices will typically include the date, time, and a description of the incident, as well as other information that may aid in the prevention of similar crimes. Notices will not identify victims or witnesses.  The Department of Campus Safety will not distribute a Notice if the threat to the NYU community has been reduced (for example, the suspect was arrested), or, if dissemination will compromise law enforcement efforts.

In addition to issuing NYU Clery Campus Notices for Clery Crimes occurring on NYU’s Clery Geography, as required by the Clery Act, the University may also issue a Safety Advisory when non–Clery Act crimes occur and/or when crimes occur outside of Clery Act geography, if the incidents pose an identified threat to the campus community.

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