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Clery Campus Safety Communications Video


New York University is committed to providing a secure environment for the campus community. As part of that effort, the University offers a variety of communications on safety issues, including: the Daily Crime Log of incidents reported to the Department of Campus Safety, Timely Warning Notifications via NYU Clery Campus Notices, and NYU Alert Emergency Notifications, collectively keeping the campus community informed via phone, text messaging, email, and other channels of communication. The video above explains the different types of communications that we disseminate and how to understand the difference, so community members can take appropriate action.

For answers to frequently asked questions about our Timely Warnings - NYU Clery Campus Notices, please visit our FAQ page.

Clery Campus Notice Listing




Timely Warning Policy

The Department of Campus Safety distributes information about campus crime to the NYU community through the publication of a daily crime log online. When a Clery crime or a crime pattern occurs on our Clery-defined campus and where appropriate, Campus Safety promptly distributes Timely Warning Notifications (also referred to herein as “Clery Campus Notices”) to the campus community electronically through email blasts and posts on the NYU Campus Safety website.

The NYU Campus Safety Facebook page and Twitter account are also used to provide initial and updated information about crimes that may pose a continuing danger. Campus Safety may distribute Clery Campus Notices regarding serious crimes posing an ongoing danger even when those crimes occur outside of NYU’s Clery-defined campuses so that NYU community members are equipped with the information necessary to protect themselves.

Clery Campus Notices notify the campus community of incidents and provide information enabling community members to protect themselves from similar incidents. Factors governing whether NYU will issue a Clery Campus Notice include: 1) the nature of the crime; 2) whether the perpetrator has been apprehended; and 3) whether there is a substantial risk to the physical safety of others in the campus community. Such crimes include, but are not limited to: 1) Clery Act crimes that are reported to any campus security authority or to Campus Safety; or 2) incidents that NYU determines represent an on-going threat to the campus community. Upon receiving a report of an incident that may require a Clery Campus Notice, the Department of Campus Safety’s Compliance Manager, or their designee, will make an initial assessment and provide the Vice President, Global Campus Safety with a recommendation regarding the need for a Timely Warning Notification. The Vice President, Global Campus Safety, in consultation with University leadership, will make the final determination if a Timely Warning is required. If a Timely Warning Notification is required, the Compliance Manager, or their designee, will write and develop the content of the notification and send the notification to the appropriate NYU community. Complainants’ names are treated as confidential and are not included in these notifications. If a crime occurs that requires a Clery Campus Notice at the Global Academic Centers, the Compliance Manager, or their designee, will work with the Office of Global Programs to issue a site-specific notice, following the same procedure as detailed above.

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