Below are links to request assistance from Campus Safety for ID Card Services, Technical Services Support and Security Staffing Requests.

The ID Card Services form is used to request access for individuals to technologically-secure areas of the university. Please have contact information, N numbers and access locations ready to complete this form.

The Technical Services Request form is used to request repairs and new installations for access control, video security and alarm management. Please have the location and description of the work necessary ready to complete this form.

The Security Staffing Request form is used to request security staffing for authorized events and additional operational needs, i.e. loading dock coverage, fire watch, extended building hours, etc. Campus Safety will determine staffing levels, types and ranks based on the size and location of the event.

For all urgent security issues requiring immediate attention from Campus Safety, or to report an incident, please contact the Campus Safety Communications Center at 212.998.2222.

To submit a comment regarding Campus Safety services, please click here.

If you have other non-emergency requests unrelated to the three forms above, please contact Messages submitted via this address are routed to operations teams during normal business hours.