• Be prepared, bring water, sunscreen, wear comfortable cloth & battery charger for your phone
  • Avoid gatherings that you believe will escalate beyond peaceful assembly.
  • If you know of an event ahead of time, plan pedestrian and vehicular routes that avoid the affected areas. Road closures and traffic delays are possible. Give yourself extra time to travel.


  • If you are at a protest that becomes violence remain calm. DO NOT STAND STILL OR SIT DOWN.
  • Leave the area as quickly as possible without running.
  • Follow the flow of the crowd and move diagonally to the outside edges of the group.
  • Seek shelter in large and safe places such as stores and hotels. Avoid getting ‘boxed in’ against a building or unyielding structure like a concrete wall where protesters gatherers can push others against an object, resulting in injury.
  • Avoid the “front lines” of a demonstration; the area where demonstrations and local security personnel are in close proximity. This is often the most likely location where an outbreak of violence can occur. If you find yourself at the front lines, DO NOT TRY AND CROSS OVER TO THE POLICE. Instead, try to exit along the front edge of the protest demonstration crowd.


  • If you have suffered injury, seek medical assistance.
  • Report any loss or damage to your property to the police
  • Report your situation or whereabouts to family, friends, or business associates