• Run. Get out and get away, as quietly and quickly as possible.
    • Evacuate regardless of whether others agree to follow.
    • Leave your belongings behind.
    • Help others escape, if possible.
    • If you can't run out, you can run away, buy time and create distance between you and the shooter
    • Remember, you can also go upstairs to get away if going down is not an option.
    • Call 911 when you are safe.
  • Hide. If you cannot run, find a place to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you.
    • Lock and/or barricade the doors.
    • Turn off lights.
    • Remain quiet.
    • Stay out of the active shooter’s view.
    • Silence your cell phone.
    • Hide behind large items (e.g., file cabinets, desks) that could provide ballistic protection.
  • Fight. If all else fails, and only as a last resort, attack the shooter with whatever makeshift weapons you can find (scissors, portable fire extinguishers, chairs, etc.) to disarm and disable. It is best, when possible, to work with others.


  • When law enforcement arrives:
    • Remain calm and follow officer’s instructions.
    • Keep hands visible at all times.
    • Avoid making quick movements toward officers.
    • Do not stop to ask the officers for help or directions when evacuating. Just proceed in the direction from which they entered the premises.