Continuity team working in front of computers.

1. What You Do

Identify the critical functions performed by your department or area. The functions may have high importance because of financial, reputational, operational, or legal impacts if suspended.

2. When It Needs to be Done

Prioritize in order of criticality. Determine when each function must be restarted to avoid negative impacts.

3. Who Does It

Note staff who perform these critical functions. Identify any opportunities for cross-training of staff or collaborative arrangements with other departments that employ staff with similar skills.

4. How to Continue Despite a Disruption

Think about ways you might be able to continue these functions if you were to face a disruption affecting your physical space, utilities, network or computer applications, or staffing levels. Brainstorm workarounds and seek assistance from the Director of Continuity at DCS.

5. Resources, Lists and Helpful Materials

Gather, store and maintain critical data such as staff phone lists, vendor lists and other important information that will be useful to you.