The Department of Campus Safety builds and strengthens relationships with members of the community through a robust engagement program of events, services and communications. Dedicated team members are responsible for leading safety presentations, registering valuables, and attending events to provide context and listen to concerns from the university community.

To contact a member of the DCS Team regarding Community Engagement, please email

DCS seeks to proactively reduce crime on campus by formulating security strategies and strengthening partnerships within the NYU community.

Dedicated team members receive training focused on incident management, classification, and communication strategies allowing them to provide optimal service.

Community Engagement team members are responsible for:

  • Collaborating with community members and groups to develop solutions for community safety and security-related challenges
  • Developing and delivering security-related presentations to students, faculty, and staff
  • Identifying trends or patterns to prevent crime occurrences on NYU property

Operation ID Program Signup Form

The Operation ID Program offers NYU community members the opportunity to register their electronic devices and other valuables so that in the event they are lost or stolen and recovered by law enforcement, they can be safely returned at no charge.

Please use the Operation ID Signup Form to register your electronics or valuables. Information provided in the form will only be used to match recovered items with their owners.

Recommendations from Community Engagement Personnel

Team members recommend becoming familiar with the following resources offered by the Department of Campus Safety.

1. Download the Safe NYU app

911-calling capability for life-threatening situations

A call box in the palm of your hand - simultaneously send your location and call NYU Campus Safety

Report incidents or tips via in-app forms, real-time chats or voice calls

2. Register your valuables with Operation ID

Register your electronic devices and other valuables with Operation ID so that if they are lost or stolen and recovered by NYPD, they can be returned safely to you

3. Become familiar with Emergency Call Boxes and Green Light Buildings

Emergency Call Boxes are places around the Washington Square campus to provide additional security. A tap of the button alerts Campus Safety to your locations and connects you with our Communications Center

Green Light Buildings are open and staffed by a Campus Safety Officer 24/7

4. Explore University Transportation Options

Bus service is available 7:30 a.m. to midnight during the academic term

Safe Ride is an on-demand ride-share service available between campus locations from midnight to 7:30 a.m. during the academic term. You can schedule a Safe Ride by selecting Getting Around NYC in the Safe NYU app

5. Remember 212.998.2222

This phone number is available 24x7x365 and connects directly to our Communications Center where trained staff can assist you and dispatch resources, if necessary.