The Clery Act identifies certain categories of students, University employees and contractors as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) who have federally mandated responsibilities to report crimes that are reported to them.  As a CSA, you may be someone to whom a victim, witness or other person feels comfortable reporting a crime.

Campus Security Authorities include the following individuals or offices:

  • NYU Department of Campus Safety
  • Student Affairs Deans and Administrators
  • Student Conduct Staff
  • Residence Life Staff, including Residence Hall Directors, Assistant Directors and Resident Assistants
  • Advisors to Student Organizations
  • Faculty Members and Staff accompanying students on NYU-Sponsored travel
  • Athletics Coaches and Staff
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Langone Campus Security Authorities
  • Other security, and people who NYU has identified to students, faculty and staff as people to whom they can report incidents

CSAs have a legal obligation to notify the University of any Clery Act crimes that occurred on or within the University’s Clery Geography that were reported to them. While CSAs must report all Clery Act crime, at the request of the victim(s), identifying information may be excluded from the report (for example, names, initials, contact information, etc.).

Under the Clery Act, pastoral and professional counselors, when acting in this capacity, are not CSAs. Nevertheless, they are encouraged, if and when they deem it appropriate, to inform the persons they are counseling of the procedures to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual crime statistics.

To report a Clery crime, please follow the instructions located on the online Campus Security Authority Reporting Form. If you need assistance submitting this form, please contact the NYU Department of Campus Safety at 212.998.2222.

CSA Response When a Crime is Reported

1. When a crime is reported, the CSA should always respond to emergencies by calling 911 or other local emergency numbers.

2. If it is not an emergency, the CSA should report the incident to the NYU Department of Campus Safety (DCS) at 212-998-2222 (24/7) or through the Safe NYU app.

All University employees (including student employees), as well as non-employees with teaching or supervisory authority, are obligated to promptly report sexual misconduct of which they become aware to the University's Title IX Office at, unless the employee has a recognized confidentiality privilege.

Confidential Reporting: If the reporting party is a student victim of a sex offense and the Department of Campus Safety is not involved, a student victim shall also be encouraged to contact The Wellness Exchange by calling (212) 443-9999 (24/7).

3. The CSA should explain that they are a federally mandated crime reporter and are required to submit a crime report for statistical purposes and that the crime report can be submitted without identifying the reporting party and/or victim if the reporting party would like to remain anonymous.

4. If the CSA has firsthand knowledge / confirmation that the reporting party already filed a report with the Department of Campus Safety, then the CSA is not obligated to complete and submit a CSA Report Form.

If the reporting party says they will file a police report with DCS, but the CSA has no first-hand knowledge/confirmation that a police report was filed, then the CSA must complete and submit a CSA Report Form.

Please use the Campus Security Authority Reporting Form to communicate reports promptly to the Department of Campus Safety. It is very important that CSAs report crime on a timely basis to DCS as a reported crime may warrant a University issued Safety Alert to the University Community.

5. If you know that phone and internet connectivity will be unavailable during upcoming travel, please email for a paper copy of the Campus Security Authority Reporting Form.