Campus Safety personnel assisting at NYU Welcome.

Campus Safety Team Members assist the new students and their families at events like NYU Welcome.

"Throughout the 2021-22 academic year, the Department of Campus Safety continued to provide safety and security for our community and property so our students, faculty, and administrators could have the opportunity to accomplish their academic and professional goals ... From upgrading our security technology and providing educational programming, to welcoming and training several classes of new officers in anticipation of the opening of the John A. Paulson Center at 181 Mercer Street, our team is as focused as ever on our plans for the future." - Fountain L. Walker, Vice President, Global Campus Safety

Organizational Update

From a leadership transition in Abu Dhabi to new programming in New York, read about some big steps for Campus Safety in the Organizational Update section.

DCS team members behind a table with campus safety written on the cover.

A Campus Safety Officer assisting a student

Campus Safety Operations

Our Campus Safety Operations team continued to digitize its processes and recruit personnel while preparing for the return of its bicycle response unit in 2023. Read more in the Campus Safety Operations section.

Global Resiliency and Security

Global Resiliency and Security pivoted to non-COVID planning and programming this past year, with a focus on training sessions, exercises and engagement. Read more in the Global Resiliency and Security section.

A team member teaching a training class.

Technical Sergeants working on a security panel.

Global Card Services and Security Systems

Updates to our security technology hardware and software and planning to roll out a new visitor management system highlight our technical work. Read about more updates in these areas in the Global Card Services and Security Systems section.

Office of the Vice President

The Office of the Vice President helped ensure appropriate training was provided to our team members, guided the return of our airport shuttle program, and looks forward to the introduction of our first fully-electric vehicle next year. Read more in the Office of the Vice President section.

Team members received certificates after completing a training.