Community Response Unit (CRU)

Sworn in during Spring 2018, the DCS Community Response Unit (CRU) builds and strengthens relationships between the members of the NYU community and DCS. The CRU is responsible for leading crime prevention and community engagement initiatives, enhancing the response to calls for service and critical incidents, and providing operational support to Campus Safety Officers in the field.

Sergeant First Class greeting students and their family members.

Sergeants First Class interact with the NYU community everyday.

Operation ID Program

DCS partners with NYPD on encouraging NYU community members to register their valuable items as part of Operation ID. If registered and found by the NYPD, the items will be returned to the owner. Items registered include mobile devices, laptops, bicycles and other valuables.
DCS held more than 30 Operation ID events (at bottom left) throughout 2018-19 located in both residence halls and student life areas, and registered more than 1,000 items as part of the program, a record for an academic year.

Sergeant First Class with Students at Tabling Event.

Targeted table events provide the NYU community with safety tips and services, meeting the community where they are.

Coffee with a Cop

DCS partnered with the NYPD for its first national Coffee with a Cop Day celebration in October 2018. The event allowed officials from both teams to be available to speak with members of the NYU community on an informal basis, all while enjoying coffee and doughnuts.
The informal setting allows the community to become more familiar with local law enforcement, learn how they interact and partner with DCS, and manage its expectations on the response it can receive from both organizations.
With more than 300 community members reached, the event will be expanded in 2019-20 to include a larger presence on the national holiday, as well as smaller events in residence halls throughout the year.

Members of DPS and NYPD

DPS hosted members of the NYPD for National Coffee with a Cop Day.

Lock Your Door

In an effort to reduce the number of larcenies and burglaries on campus, DCS launched the “Lock Your Door” campaign, in partnership with the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.
The campaign is best known for its yellow door hangers (at bottom right), placed on the inside handles of residence hall suite doors, reminding students to lock their doors when they leave their rooms. The campaign has expanded to digital signage, and is now featuring stickers that are placed permanently above the handles in some residence halls.
The “Lock Your Door” campaign contributed to a 37 percent decrease in residence hall larcenies and burglaries from 2017-18 to 2018-19.

Lock Your Door Hanger on a door handle.

Lock Your Door hangers were placed in each residence hall as part of the campaign to reduce larcenies and burglaries.

Presidential Internship Program

For the second consecutive year, DCS has participated in NYU’s Presidential Internship Program, which offers rising juniors meaningful work experience in an NYU Administrative Unit or School, structured leadership development opportunities, mentorship from a high-level NYU administrator, and a paid internship.
DCS Presidential Interns play a key role in increasing engagement with the student community at NYU, through focused projects like ‘Dig In with DCS,’ (at bottom center) where students are invited to have a meal with DCS leadership so they can learn from each other in a more relaxed setting. The ‘Dig In with DPS’ event welcomed more than 30 NYU students.

Public Safety team members sitting in front of a group of students.

Events like 'Dig In with DPS' give community members and Public Safety leaders the opportunity to engage and learn from each other.

Women in Campus Safety

Launched in January 2019, the Women in Campus Safety initiative provides an environment that encourages growth, wellness, professional development and success for women across public safety disciplines at NYU through education, volunteering, information sharing, and networking opportunities.
The initiative has grown throughout 2019, and now features a steering committee of seven DCS team members from across the Department, with executive sponsorship provided by Senior Vice President Marlon Lynch.
Women in Campus Safety coordinates regular events both within the Department and in collaboration with external stakeholders, including panel discussions and other events geared toward leadership, professional development, and inclusion.

NYPD Assistant Chief Kim Royster speaks to an audience of community members.

NYPD Assistant Chief Kim Y. Royster speaks at the Women in Public Safety launch in January 2019.

"Did You Know?" Campaign

In an effort to create awareness around Campus Safety services, DCS launched a "Did You Know?" campaign, aimed at targeting community members who could most benefit from increased communications.
The campaign includes social media posts, digital signage, and physical posters, detailing transportation services such as Safe Ride and Airport Shuttles, the Safe NYU app, safety tips including larceny prevention, the DCS 212.998.2222 emergency phone number, and the DCS mission, vision and core values, among others.
The digital signs and physical posters are distributed to campus partners who post the information in their locations to inform a wider array of community members about ways they can improve their safety and take advantage of DCS offerings.

Social Media

With more than 10,000 total followers across all platforms, the DCS social media presence is a vital communications tool to alert the community to emerging and ongoing safety concerns, including safety alerts, safety tips, informational updates, and more. DCS launched its Instagram account during 2018-19, and it has quickly become the avenue to tell the stories of DCS and the personnel who work to improve the safety of the NYU community.
During the academic year, posts disseminated from the DCS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts earned more than 2.2 million views and 7 percent engagement across the platforms. The engagement achieved is more than 3 times the expected output across all platforms based on higher education benchmarks identified by third party assessors.
Successful campaigns included: Veterans’ Week, Women’s History Month, the You Matter! podcast and others.

You Matter! Podcast

Launched in August 2019, the You Matter! podcast informs the NYU community about resources that are available to victims, both on and off campus, and details first-hand experiences of victims and those in the community who assist them.

Hosted by Assistant Vice President, Field Operations, Karen Ortman, the weekly podcast goes in depth with survivors of incidents. A retired law enforcement professional, Ortman has been at NYU for five years, coordinating field operations, investigations, and special victims services within DCS. As part of her role, she meets with victims of incidents and assists them in obtaining resources and assistance from NYU offices and local law enforcement.

The podcast is a collaboration with students from many different schools across NYU’s campus, including co-host, and pre-med graduate student Sabah Fatima. The podcast is self-produced and new episodes are released weekly. Season 1 of the podcast includes conversations with survivors of domestic violence, attempted murder, and cyberstalking and bullying. It also details resources available to the NYU and New York City communities, including the Safe NYU app, Safe Horizon, and the Family Justice Center.

The You Matter! podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

You Matter! sign being held by a purple hand.

The You Matter! podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify,

Community-Based Committees

Transportation Advisory Committee: The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) identifies service gaps and discusses possible enhancements to transportation services provided to the NYU community. The TAC is comprised of a diverse set of community members from all areas of NYU, including Washington Square, Brooklyn, and the medical corridor, and meets regularly during the academic year to assess community concerns and seek resolutions and improvements.

Emergency Management Advisory Council: The Emergency Management Advisory Council is made up of stakeholders and subject matter experts from across the university who provide strategic advice on the direction of the University’s Emergency Management and Continuity Program. The EMAC reviews and provides input on plans, policies and initiatives of the Emergency Management and Continuity Program.

Campus Safety Advisory Committee: The Campus Safety Advisory Committee is comprised of NYU community members from all levels and areas of the University who are dedicated to improving public safety services. The PSAC meets once each semester to learn about DCS initiatives and priorities and provide input and feedback on how DCS can serve the NYU community in a more effective manner.