NYU is committed to maintaining a campus environment that is safe and secure for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. As part of this commitment, the University has two Behavioral Intervention Teams focusing on students and employees respectively.

Behavioral Intervention Teams are not intended to replace standard classroom management techniques or modify existing disciplinary policies and processes. Instead, they serve to centralize the reporting of concerning behavior, promote early intervention, and ensure follow-up on relevant cases.

When to Submit a Report

You should submit a report to the BIT if a member of the NYU community member is exhibiting concerning behavior, such as:

  • Disruptive or erratic behavior
  • Disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers
  • Intimidating or harassing others including making disturbing or threatening phone calls, text messages, emails, social media postings, etc.
  • Emotional outbursts (e.g. yelling or screaming)
  • Suggesting an intention to harm others (verbal or written)
  • Sad, anxious, angry or other dramatic mood shifts 
  • Isolation from others
  • Substance Abuse

Other Types of Reports