Victim Assistance

NYU cares about its community and is committed to helping those who are the victims of crimes.

If you are a student, staff, faculty or otherwise affiliated with NYU and have been sexually assaulted, stalked, harassed, or experienced dating violence or domestic violence, the NYU Department of Public Safety can help.

The Special Victim Liaison assists those who are considering reporting their experience to the police as well as those who have already decided to do so.

We walk those requesting assistance through the process of filing a police report and explain other judicial processes.

Upon request, the Special Victim Liaison will accompany victims to the police department, the Office of the District Attorney, Family Court or the Family Justice Center.

Other services provided by the Special Victim Liaison include:

  • Accompaniment to the hospital or other service agency
  • Assistance in obtaining an Order of Protection
  • Assistance in obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order
  • Assistance in filing the Crime Victims Compensation form
  • Serve as a liaison with law enforcement
  • Serve as a liaison with social service agencies

Please feel free to contact Special Victim Liaison Karen L. Ortman at any time.

  • Office phone: (212) 992-6403
  • Cell phone: (917) 363-2880

Other Valuable Resources Include:
The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and monitoring matters involving sexual assault and other acts of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and sex discrimination involving students and employees.