Social Media Safety Guidelines

Social media is an excellent forum for members of the NYU community to express themselves and communicate with others. However, it is sometimes used to communicate in ways that raise concerns for an individual’s safety and the safety of others.

Social media account managers at NYU can assist in ensuring the safety of our community by bringing certain types of communication on social media to the attention of Public Safety. Here are some types of communications about which you should contact Public Safety:

• Threats of violence against self or others
• The mention of guns or weapons, including offers to sell or inquiries about acquiring them
• The mention of a crime, whether past, present or planned for the future
• Bomb or similar threats
• Offers to sell drugs or other illegal services
• Bullying of a community member
• Hate/bias speech

How to reach Public Safety:
1) Call the Command Center 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 212-998-2222.
2) E-mail
3) Submit a comment using the following link: Submit Comment Here

For any concerns regarding an imminent or urgent nature, call the Public Safety Command Center, where a Public Safety professional will be able to take your call and provide assistance 24/7.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a communication is or is not a threat to NYU safety, especially since many community members use their social media accounts to be creative and expressive. Please contact Public Safety if you have a question regarding a specific communication, or if you want to bring something to our attention. We can review and evaluate the communication to determine whether further investigation is warranted.