Training Resources

Video Tutorials

You can view NYU Drive training videos from both Google and LinkedIn Learning.

Instructor and Student Workshops

The NYU Digital Studio offers Instructor and Student Workshops throughout the semester. The Instructor Workshops focus on using NYU Google Apps for teaching and learning, while the Student Workshops focus on the use of NYU Google Apps for collaboration, organization, and communication. The Workshops allow attendees an opportunity to ask questions, discuss projects, and discover tools to make their NYU life a bit easier. Check the NYU Web Events Calendar to see if there are any upcoming workshops.

One-on-Ones and Consultations

Through collaboration with NYU IT and the Division of Libraries, the NYU Digital Studio offers one-on-one trainings and consultations to students and faculty.

To make an appointment for the Digital Studio to discuss NYU Google Apps, please complete the NYU Digital Studio Appointment Form. Make sure to click the "Academic Tools" radio button and select "NYU Google Apps for Education."