We have lots of documentation as well as interactive video tutorials to make using Web Publishing as easy as possible. Here are some great support sources if you’re trying to figure something out.

Knowledge Base Support

We’ve documented literally everything you can do on our system. If you’re ever in doubt of what to do, try checking here to see if it answers your question. Click here to explore the ServiceLink knowledge base.

Video Tutorials

To view a series of video tutorials that go over all the basics of WordPress, simply log into your Dashboard, click the Help tab in the upper right, and choose the “Video Tutorials” tab.

LinkedIn Learning

Use NYU’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning to access thousands of videos that go over all the details of WordPress.


For an interactive, step-by-step walkthrough of WordPress, log into your Dashboard and click on the Help Me tab in the top right corner.

WordPress Codex

For a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of the inner workings of WordPress, go to the official documentation at codex.wordpress.org.

Consultations and Requests

If you would like to set up a consultation for a unique use case, or have a request for a plugin or theme, contact us via the IT Service Desk.