NYU Web Publishing provides clients with a wide variety of tools, widgets, plugins, and themes that will help you customize the appearance of your WordPress site. Having trouble selecting a theme? No problem, you can preview each theme until you find the one that’s just right! All our themes are responsive, which means they work just as well on a desktop as on a smartphone. You'll probably want to choose a theme that fits what you're looking for in your site:

Multimedia and Visual Data

An example of a visually-themed website

Our visual themes look great and are good for displaying rich dynamic media content.

Showcasing Your Projects

An example of a page themed site

One page themes have all their content on the front page, making it easy for you to guide your visitors to exactly what they need to see.


An example of a gallery themed site

Our gallery themes are specifically designed to help you optimize, manage, and display pictures “exactly” the way you want.

Want something in the middle?

An example of a magazine themed site

Check out our magazine themes. Magazine themes are designed to help clients find the right balance between text and media. This is a great option if you need to represent a lot of information in an easy-to-read format.

Is There a Digital You?

An example of a bio themed site

Bio themes help you present the best you. Use theme theme to help organize and track your educational tasks and achievements. Or, just create a bio site that just keeps you in the digital loop!

Super Blogging?

An example of a blog themed site

Do you have a lot to say? Check out our blog themes that will help you customize your communications and manage viewer subscriptions. Keep in mind that you can have a blog on any of these themes.