Who will be using your site?

Make sure you share your site with only the right people. Whether it’s a fellow researcher, the students in your course or the entire Internet, Web Publishing’s robust privacy settings give you fine-tuned control over who can access your site, and how.


For a course site, you may want to restrict access to the students in the course. Even then, you can choose between only letting them see the site, to being able to leave comments, to edit the site freely, to anything in between.

students in a classroom, one with a raised hand


If you’re collaborating with someone else, maybe you’ll want to keep the site private to just your collaborators. If you’re building a site for an event or research project, you can keep the site private to your collaborators or to the NYU network.

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Maybe you want the entire Internet to see your site! First of all, you’ll be happy to know our servers can handle that load; and secondly, you can do that quite easily. Even if you open your site to comments, our comprehensive moderation and anti-spam options will keep trolls at bay.

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