With so many possibilities where do I start!?!

A great tip is to think about the overall objective of your site. Personal, professional, instructional, communications or collaborations? By determining the site’s objective can help with layout ideas as well as what themes and plugins are best suited for your site.

NYU Web Publishing is build on WordPress so it's easy to create a site and quickly add posts and pages to manage content. Remember: In WordPress, Pages are basically static web pages, and are used to build the structure of your site. While Posts are more dynamic and let you manage how the content is displayed. Don’t forget there are wide variety of plugins, widgets, and themes that can enhance your site.

This is a good time to pause for a moment and think about how to conceptualize your site design. The NYU Web Publishing team suggests a simple card sorting exercise to help conceptualize layout and content management.

Some of the more common things the NYU Community publishes are:

Course Resources

Working with a lot of course material? Create a Web Publishing site and consolidate journal articles, texts, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, and more into one shiny site. You can upload anything from your syllabus, assignments, readings, and photos, to embedded video lectures. Get started.

Illustration of tablet, document, book

Shared Content

Looking for a place to share? One of Web Publishing’s greatest strengths is sharing content. Create a blog that is a dedicated discussion space to help students bridge the gap between class lectures and out of class work. Keep it current by adding new posts.

Illustration of a blog with multimedia swirling around it

Collaboration and Communication

Managing projects or need a discussion space for a course or project? Web Publishing makes it easy to communicate via comments and forums, coordinate busy schedules with embedded calendars, or share news and events in a newsletter.

Illustration of hands in the air holding ideas


Juggling multiple media formats? Make a Web Publishing site to display and organize media in sophisticated layout with easy to view with gallery sliders. Web Publishing supports a long list of file formats, letting you upload images or documents like PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. It also lets you embed feeds from social networks like Tumblr or Instagram and video from NYU Stream or a 3rd party site, create customizable maps, and a lot more.

Illustration of various file types