About Web Publishing

Layout and Design

Web Publishing makes it easy for your site to look good and be easy to use. You can change looks easily by changing the “Theme” of your site, and you can quickly choose between Themes until you find the one you want. All our themes are responsive, which means they work just as well on a desktop as a mobile device.

Knowing Your Audience

Make sure you share your site with only the right people. Whether it’s a fellow researcher, the students in your course, or the entire Internet, Web Publishing’s robust privacy settings give you fine-tuned control over who can access your site. 

Content Driven

Web Publishing can be used to host a large variety of content. The fundamentals of Web Publishing are Posts and Pages. This content can be anything from an essay on Kate Winslet’s role in Titanic, to a schedule of which conference rooms are open, to photos and videos. Even more features can be enabled at any time. 

Use Cases

Web Publishing is a great tool for doing many different things on the web. It can be used as a shared space for you to communicate with your students, as a platform to collaborate with other researchers, as a website to promote your club or event and many other uses. And of course, you can always use it as a blog to share your thoughts.

Support and Resources

We have a lot of documentation as well as interactive video tutorials to make using Web Publishing as easy as possible. Here are some great sources if you’re trying to figure something out.

Getting Started

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