Create a Website with WordPress Web Publishing

WordPress Web Publishing is a flexible environment for building websites and blogs. It makes it easy to create blog posts and web pages, customize the design, add navigation menus, and more. Ready to start building your site? Log into WordPress with your NetID and password and start creating your site!

Layout and Design

Web Publishing makes it easy for you to make a site that looks good and is easy to use. Change the look easily by changing the “Theme.” All our themes are responsive, which means they work just as well on a desktop as a mobile device.

Knowing Your Audience

Make sure you share your site with only the right people.Web Publishing’s robust privacy settings give you fine-tuned control over who can access your site and individual pages. 

Content Driven

Web Publishing can be used to host a wide variety of content. The fundamentals of Web Publishing are Posts and Pages. This content can be anything: an essay, a schedule,  or photos and videos.

Use Cases

You can use Web Publishing for many things. Faculty: use it to communicate with your students. Researchers: use it to collaborate with other researchers. Students: use it to promote your club or event. And it can be a blog to share your thoughts.

Support and Resources

We have a lot of documentation as well as interactive video tutorials to make using Web Publishing as easy as possible.

Getting Started

Ready to start building your site? Log into WordPress with your NetID and password and start creating your site!

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