Information about developer best practices, checklists, design, standards, testing strategies, and tools.

These resources can help you start developing content that is more accessible to people with disabilities.  



Our Testing Tools site offers various resources to get you started with color contrast tests, and page functionality. Here is a sample of the various tools:

  • Accessibility Bookmarklets: JavaScript Bookmarklets that can run on any webpage to visualize headers, images, landmarks, and lists in the code.
  • ARC ToolKit for Chrome: A set of accessibility tools to aid developers in identifying accessibility problems and features.
  • Axe browser extension (Chrome, Firefox): An automated accessibility testing tool that alerts you to accessibility problems within a website.
  • Colorblindly: A Chrome extension that simulates color blindness.
  • Colour Contrast Analyser: Download this application to check your color combinations.
  • HeadingsMap: A Chrome extension to help visualize the heading order of your content. (via Chrome Web Store)