A supplier must demonstrate to NYU that their work clearly meets the NYU Website Accessibility Policy standard. Supplier proposals, quotes, or bids should describe the how the supplier achieves compliance with IT accessibility standards.

Supplier finalists should be required to provide demonstrations during their bidder presentation to support their statements about the accessibility of their products and/or services.

Demo Requirements

In their demo, they must be able to show how their online product/service is accessible to users with different disabilities, including visual, hearing, and motor control.

The demo should include but not be limited to:

  1. Navigating the content with only a keyboard (no mouse)
  2. Displaying captions on videos
  3. Navigating the content using headings (using screen reading software)
  4. Bringing up all the links on a page (using screen reading software)
  5. Sufficient color contrast
  6. Alternative text for images
  7. No pictures of text
  8. Scalable text
  9. No keyboard traps for video controls
  10. Visual cues to identify where the cursor is on the page/slide
  11. Completing at least one task from start to finish with a screen reader (e.g., complete a form)
  12. Technical issues – A quick reference guide to some of the technical accessibility issues we check for is available on our website.