Digital accessibility compliance means NYU has afforded individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in University programs and activities. It is important that everyone involved in the procurement process of information and communication technology, especially web products or services from third parties, ensure policy compliance.

Getting Started

When purchasing a product or service, it's important to include accessibility requirements in proposals, contracts, or other service arrangements for digital products whether for internal or public use.

During the purchasing and project initiation process, it is vital to understand the extent to which a product or service is accessible and how a vendor meets accessibility standards. Use the Digital Accessibility Assessment Request (NYU Login required) to learn about your responsibilities and how you can engage with the Digital Accessibility team before a purchase and/or before a contract is signed.

How to use the Digital Accessibility Assessment Request

Use the Digital Accessibility Assessment Request to:

  • Learn more about Digital Accessibility requirements for a service/project tool
  • Request a Digital Accessibility review for a service/project
    You can use this form to get a checklist of requirements without providing your information.

The depth of an accessibility assessment will depend on:

  • the intended audience for the service/project, and
  • the size of the audience.

The information you provide will be used to estimate the level of risk posed by the service/project, and to determine if additional testing for accessibility is necessary.

Once you submit your form, you will receive a full summary with instructions on how to proceed.

Additional Resources