In October 2017, the NYU Digital Accessibility Program began with two priorities: (1) meet federal standards for digital accessibility; and (2) ensure that NYU is an inclusive environment for all to learn, study, and work.

NYU is committed to meet the federal standards called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. These standards are used across the country and internationally to guide developers, content creators, user experience designers, and others to make web content and services accessible.

Since January 2018, school, department, University, center and institute staff have been working hard to move NYU’s web presence into greater conformity with the standards. Webmasters, web developers, and content creators all over campus have made significant progress.  Go to your unit's website and tap the Tab key and see how your unit has improved accessibility.

Key Dates and Milestones



  • websites
  • web application interfaces
  • web page content
  • PDFs and documents
  • video & audio

Some exclusions:

  • personal web pages
  • LMS content
  • video descriptions
Compliance Categories Compliance Due Date
[WCAG 2.0AA]
Recent & New Content/Functionality
Created, published, or substantially changed since January 2015
When published
Legacy Content/Functionality, Archived Content
Created or published prior to 1/1/2015
Upon request