Errors in HTML code create a poor user experience for people who depend on screen readers for their web browsing.

If HTML is used incorrectly, assistive technology can have problems interpreting the page content, which can result in access problems for users.

Best practice is to validate your HTML and test with users. If you are writing code, use an HTML validator such as the W3C Markup Validation Service to check your code. See our Testing Tools section for additional resources.

Web Patterns

Web patterns are formalized best practices that a developer can use when designing a web page or an application. Below are fourteen patterns for accessible site elements.

  1. Alert Notification
  2. Button
  3. Collapsible Section
  4. Data Table
  5. Icons
  6. Image Caption
  7. Inline Error
  8. Loading Icon
  9. Mobile Navigation
  10. Navigation Menu
  11. Page Title
  12. Search Box
  13. Tab Navigation
  14. Toggle Switch