We've created accessible CVs in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Choose your preferred document type and then, using the CV examples below as your guide, download the associated CV template and add your own content.

Note: Avoid copying and pasting in your information as this will overwrite all the styles used to ensure accessibility. We recommend turning on the Styles Pane to see where the style formatting is in the template document.

Remember to follow our best practice instructions for creating accessible Microsoft Word documents and creating accessible Google Docs.


Creating PDFs

Accessibility should be built into your document before converting it to another format. If you plan to convert your document into a PDF, please follow the steps below to ensure your original source document is compliant.

For Microsoft Word

To ensure that you've created an accessible Microsoft Word document, use Word's Accessibility Checker. Once your document has passed the accessibility check, you may save it as a PDF.

  1. When saving the Word document, select PDF in the File menu.
  2. Select the Options button and make sure the Document structure tags for accessibility and Create bookmarks using Headings options are selected.
  3. Click OK and Save. This will tag all of the text formatting, so page headings and lists are correctly interpreted by a screen reader.
  4. Save your original files (PPT, Word). Note: MS Office 2011 (for Mac), Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 2011 for the Mac cannot produce a fully accessible PDF.

For Google Docs

Grackle Docs is an add-on that helps you create more accessible Google Docs. It can check your document for accessibility issues and advise you how to make things better. Review how to use Grackle Docs.

Once your document has passed the accessibility check, you may export it to a PDF.

  1. Click the Export to PDF button on the right-hand side pane. A Progress Monitor window will open and allow you to select various options.
  2. Once you've selected your options, click the Start button.
  3. When your PDF has generated, you will have the option to select the View button to view the document in Google Drive, or select the Download button to download the PDF to your computer.
Note that the Grackle's Export to PDF feature works best with native Google Docs. It does not work correctly with Microsoft Word documents that were "opened with" Google Docs.