Creating Meaningful and Contextual Links

Do the links describe the destination clearly and are they easy to find?

When adding links to your website or document, it is important that the links are descriptive and provide informative context for the site visitor. This allows the site visitor to have a better understanding of the link's destination.

Links should make sense out of context. Avoid adding links that use ambiguous terms such as "click here" or "read more." Screen readers are able to navigate content by links and skip the content in between. Therefore, screen readers are unable to provide context to a link beyond the linked text - which means multiple "click here" links on a page all appear to be the same.

Screen readers will read the full URL if it is not encoded within text. Therefore, it is best practice to embed the URL within other text. For example:


WebAIM's Tutorial on Link Best Practices:

Instead, use:

WebAIM's Tutorial on Link Best Practices