Use Software in the VCL

Students have free access to a wide range of academic software available in the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL). The VCL is an online platform, allowing you to access this resource wherever you go. Select the login button below to find engineering software, data analysis tools, and Microsoft Office, access a virtual desktop, and more.

Available Software

Software in the VCL is housed in two sections in the service portal. Expand the categories below to see the complete list of available software in each section.

Looking for more information about what these different software programs do? We have a comprehensive list of every software resource available at NYU, along with descriptions, available on our Software Resources page. 

What's New?

To allow for faster loading times, the VCL landing page now divides the software into two sections:

  1. General Use, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Data Analysis
  2. Engineering and AutoCAD

For a full list of available software, see above.

Who Uses the VCL?

Degree-enrolled students have automatic access to the VCL and are encouraged to use the available software to further their academic work. 

Faculty and staff may use the VCL for academic purposes upon request. See below to request access.

Getting Started 


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