Learn how instructor-created content from NYU Classes has moved to NYU Brightspace for you to reuse in your current and future courses.


NYU IT has automatically moved NYU Classes course content from 2019-2021 into NYU Brightspace “Reference Sites”.

diagram: NYU Classes to NYU Brightsoace Reference Site to NYU Brightspace Live Course, description in page copy

Moving of NYU Classes Content to NYU Brightspace

Instructor-created content from 2019-2021 NYU Classes course sites has moved into NYU Brightspace as reference material, where you may choose to reuse it to build your new NYU Brightspace course sites. It is important to note that this content has been moved into a corresponding NYU Brightspace “Reference Sites” under the equivalent term — content from a Spring 2020 NYU Classes course site has been moved into a corresponding Spring 2020 NYU Brightspace reference site; it will not be moved into a live NYU Brightspace course site, so action is required on your part if you choose to reuse this content.

Note: Student-created content (e.g., discussion boards entries or messages), submissions, or grades will not be moved in NYU Brightspace.

Reference sites contain the content from your corresponding NYU Classes course sites, including, but not limited to:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Forums/Topics
  • Gradebook
  • Lessons
  • Resources
  • Tests & Quizzes

Reusing Content

If you choose to reuse any of this “reference” content, you can copy it into your current or future courses in NYU Brightspace. See the Copy from Another Site ServiceLink article for more information.

Note: Depending on the tools and types of content you used in your NYU Classes course sites, there may be a number of “exceptions” to what can be successfully transitioned into NYU Brightspace. See the Tool-Level Exceptions and Reports section below for more information.

Should you wish to move content from NYU Classes course sites prior to Spring 2019, a self-service tool is available for you to do so on demand. For more information, see the following NYU Servicelink article: Self-Service Course Migration Overview.

Tool-Level Exceptions and Reports

No transition of content from one platform to another will be perfect. Depending on the tools and types of content you used in your NYU Classes course site(s), there may be a number of “exceptions” that you should be aware of and may need to address. To make this process easier, please see your course's Reference Site Status Report, which will display on the homepage of your Reference Site. The report will detail any issues with the content of your site and how to remediate them, prior to copying that content into your live course offerings.

The full list of possible tool-level exceptions is available here:

Frequently Asked Questions