NYU Classes
Profile Profile & Notifications Create an online profile with personal information such as name, tagline, and profile photo. Edit notification preferences to control how you receive information about course activity.
Overview Course Site Homepage A course landing page that contains course activity updates, announcements, calendar, and Table of Contents displayed to students.
Site Info Course Offering Information Course site administration tool for making changes to course site information.
Announcements Announcements Post current, time-critical information for all students.
Calendar Calendar Display class meeting dates, deadlines, assignment dates, special events, and more.
Roster Classlist Allows instructors to view a site participant's name, username, and system profile photo. Allows students to view all course enrollments.
Messages Email Send emails to individuals, groups, or all students. Private messages are composed, contained, and managed here.
Syllabus Syllabus Post, upload, or link to the syllabus and course requirements.
Resources Content / Manage Files Upload and organize documents, electronic files, or external URLs for display or download.

Content tool serves as the primary form of interaction with course materials. If courses were migrated from NYU Classes, existing Resources would appear by default as a hidden module.

Manage Files tool serves as the file repository for the course site, and is not visible to students.
Lessons Content Structure course content in sequenced learning events (weeks, units, or modules), and require the completion of prerequisites if needed.
External Link Weblink Create a link in any content module that leads to a website.
External Tool External Tool Add External tools that work with the learning management system, such as Gradescope, VoiceThread, and Poll Everywhere, etc, which support the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability standard in your course site.
Assignments Assignments Create, collect, and grade online assignments.
Forums Discussions Post, view, and reply to online discussion topics.
Blogs Discussions Post, view, and respond to online blogs.
Test & Quizzes Quizzes Create and administer online quizzes and exams.
Gradebook Grades Organize, calculate, and distribute grade information to students online for a comprehensive view of all assessments.
Groups Groups Create group work areas for users to organize users’ work on projects and assignments.
Chat Room Chat For synchronous (real-time) online discussion among instructors and students.
Attendance Attendance Manually track attendance for the students.
Statistics Class Progress/
Multiple Areas
Track students' use of the site by user, event, or resource.