About Instructional Video Modules

Instructional Video Modules


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Creating Instructional Content

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The Digital Studio's media and technology specialists can assist instructors who want to create or use video to support teaching and learning.

Below are five easy steps to creating instructional video content.

Intro & Content Analysis

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Learn about the five-step process for creating an Instructional Video Module. Identify and analyze a learning enhancement or gap that most appropriately fits this type of instruction and develop learning goals and objectives.

Instructional Design: Storyboard

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Once a learning goal is determined, start building the content for a three to seven minute Instructional Video Module. Identify any applications and follow the guidelines to determine the best way to assemble enhanced learning goals.



Practice, practice, practice... Review, review, review. This step is designed for instructors to get a sense of what an actual recording entails and what needs to be reviewed and adjusted to create the most effective Instructional Video Module for their course.

Video Recording

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Record the Instructional Video Module. Instructors will have the option to upload or record directly into a video streaming application. Integrate it into their course site and even take the module files with them for later use.

Feedback & Assessment

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This key step in the process helps to determine the success of the Instructional Video Module; identify what changes or enhancements need to be made for the next iterations.

A look inside the recording studio


The video production studio