Guidelines for safeguarding data in the digital learning environment

The Learning Analytics team takes seriously its role as a stakeholder in the processes of teaching and learning. Their goal is to promote good teaching practices, enable educational research, and contribute to better educational outcomes for students. For current and prospective services offered by the Learning Analytics team, they clarify their guiding principles through a document they espouse both internally and externally. This document is linked throughout, where users of data and tools are asked to consider these values when using data in their practice or research.

Principles of Practice for Learning Analytics at NYU

The Principles of Practice for Learning Analytics at NYU, detailed below, is the guide for carrying out activities related to data generated by the digital learning environment. The responsible use of data, whether for curriculum review queries by an instructional technology team, formal educational research by faculty partners, or as part of the team's dashboard service for faculty to enhance instructional efficacy, is a serious responsibility that the team acknowledges. The safeguarding of data and its utilization for the advancement of student learning are paramount concerns.

The Learning Analytics team promotes these principles in several ways:

  • Alignment with national and international laws for data privacy and protection.
  • Alignment with the University’s larger data governance policies related to data protection.
  • Data request processes and service training that emphasizes the principles and expectations for data privacy to users.
  • Continual dialogue with faculty and staff partner committees to enhance and refine our guiding principles.