Tools and support for data-driven teaching and learning

The Insights Portal is a set of dashboards built for (and with) faculty that address common instructional and curricular challenges. It offers a visual platform for understanding engagement, assessment, and discussion-related data as an aid for faculty–student interventions, just-in-time changes to class sessions, or iterative course curricular changes that improve student learning outcomes. The Insights Portal is available to all faculty via a course's NYU Brightspace course site.

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Getting Started


  • Sign up for a training session at the beginning of each semester, or reach out to the team with questions at
  • Have a question you want answered with new analytics or data? Learn how you can request new analytics to solve teaching challenges.

Consultations and Support


  • If you’re working with a faculty member and need access to their analytics, please read about the process for administrative access to a faculty member’s Insights Portal dashboards.
  • For questions about analytics offerings of a current or potential future instructional tool, contact to have a consultation with the Learning Analytics team.
an example of a dashboard screen in the Insights Portal, depicting a comparative matrix

A grade correlation matrix that highlights where assessments have a positive or negative correlation to each other.

Using the Dashboards



an example of an Insights Portal bar graph

Learning Analytics bar graph example: a bar graph with completion and reviewing trends for the last seven days. The Completion and Review bars let you see what materials students have been focusing their attention on in the last week.

Recommendations on Student Transparency

It is good practice to make sure students know you are using learning analytics about the course to support students during the course and make improvements after. Although it is not required, it would be recommended to include information about the use of learning analytics in your syllabus:

"Learner engagement, both in class and online, is an important element of this course. I will be looking at our class interactions both in person and digitally in order to tailor the course to best meet your learning needs and make improvements to the course design overall. In person, this means “reading the room” by looking at how students engage with different course materials and activities. Online, this means digitally “reading the room” by looking at information about how students engage with different course materials and activities."

Please see the Learning Analytics Privacy and Security page for additional information about data privacy and security.

Good Analytics Practice (GAP) Sheets

Select a teaching challenge to read the GAP sheet (Google Docs) for helpful tips.

Additional Resources

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