Computer or Endpoint

A desktop, laptop, or server that runs Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating system.

Grant-Funded Equipment

Equipment purchased with externally sponsored funding is tagged and recorded on the University's balance sheet. The policy in the SPA Handbook states the following:

"e. Ownership of Equipment Purchased with Federal Funding
The title of ownership for equipment purchased on Federally-funded sponsored agreements typically rests with the University unless otherwise specified in the sponsor agreement."

Also referred to as “a computer from NYU” or NYU-owned.

NYU-Owned Computer or NYU Computer

Per NYU’s Expense and Travel policy:

"Any personal computer or other durable equipment that is purchased from a general University or University-funded research and scholarly activity account remains the property of the University."

Also referred to as “a computer from NYU” or NYU-owned.

NYU-owned computers receive an extra layer of security protection.

Personally-owned Computer

Computers purchased with personal funds that are not NYU funds.