Learn to Recognize and Respond to Cybersecurity Threats

To bypass technical cybersecurity defenses, attackers have shifted their focus to "hacking the human." NYU IT’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps protect you and the NYU community by teaching you how to recognize and respond to attempts to steal your personal information and other common cybersecurity threats. 

Topics include:

  • Social engineering in action
  • How to combat phishing threats
  • Wi-Fi best practices
  • Creating strong passwords
  • Mobile device security
  • Physical security
  • Secure practices when working remotely
  • Staying safe on social media

Additionally, NYU schools and units can choose to conduct annual training campaigns for their faculty and staff and/or offer custom resources such as phishing simulation emails and periodic cybersecurity newsletters. These initiatives are instrumental in strengthening NYU’s collective defense against cyber threats.

More About Cybersecurity Awareness Training