REDCap (Research Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and collecting virtually any type of data. REDCap is a popular tool for secure data collection and boasts compliance with multiple government standards.

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About REDCap

Top Support Articles

  • For FAQs and training resources, including upcoming online classes and other training opportunities, please see the REDCap support page.

REDCap Survey Design and Training

Self-service training that covers designing and building a REDCap survey, including best practices, available options, and digital accessibility is available from NYU Data Services.

Additional support documentation for designing a REDCap survey is available at Vanderbilt University's REDCap website. REDCap was developed at Vanderbilt.

Digital Accessibility and REDCap

Digital accessibility means websites, applications, and digital content including REDCap surveys are available to everyone who needs to use them, regardless of ability or access method. The NYU Website Accessibility Policy supports an information technology environment that provides individuals with disabilities an opportunity to participate in the University’s programs, benefits, and services that is equal to that of their peers without disabilities.

Support for Technical Issues

If you encounter a technical issue with REDCap, including account and access problems, please submit a support ticket or email the NYU REDCap support team.

NYU Survey Services Comparison

Need help deciding which NYU survey and data collection service (REDCap, NYU Surveys (Qualtrics), and Google Forms) is best suited for your needs? See this NYU Survey Service Comparison Chart.

Policies and Compliance

Research Impact

Find out more about currently funded grants using REDCap on the NYU High Performance Computing REDCap website (NetID and password may be required).

Acknowledgement Statement

 In order to continue supporting this service, the NYU REDCap team must demonstrate the research impact of the services. For Acknowledgement requirements, see the NYU High Performance Computing REDCap website (NetID and password may be required).