About the High Speed Research Network

Impact on Research

The HSRN helps drive research that would have been prohibitively time-consuming or demanding on previous networks. Some of the areas of research and connected resources that will benefit from the HSRN include: high performance computing, AR/VR, robotics, genomics, chemistry, social media and digital humanities, autonomous driving, smart cities, and more.

Available Locations

  • Please note: Connecting to the HSRN requires dedicated building and lab infrastructure, in addition to specialized network cards and computers. Access is governed by availability and review by the Research Faculty Advisory Board. For more information, contact hsrn-support@nyu.edu.
  • HSRN Phase 1 is currently active at four locations:
    • The Research Computing Data Center (RCDC)
    • 60 5th Ave, 3rd floor (Courant FRL)
    • 12 Waverly Place (CGSB)
    • 2 Metrotech (MAGNET), room 828
  • Planning for expansion to new locations is currently underway.

Technical Details

  • The HSRN links research labs, offices, edge-computing locations, NYU data centers, and high performance computing (HPC) equipment to external resources and collaborators via the New York State Education and Research Network (NYSERNet), internet, and Internet2.
  • The HSRN network connects research computers in labs and offices up to 200x faster (2x 100G) than NYU-NET (1x 1G) and has lower latency at <400 µs roundtrip.
  • NYU provides access to a real-time low-latency Corelink network framework to provide APIs and data management support.

Wired and Wireless Connections

  • The 4.8 Tbs HSRN backbone connects to buildings via dual 400GBit fiber.
  • Individual computers in connected buildings and labs can be equipped and configured to connect to the HSRN via optical fiber at 100 gigabit/second (200 gigabit/second redundant).
  • Connections via copper at up to 10 gigabit/second or 20 gigabit/second (redundant) can be provided.
  • The NYU HSRN also includes a dedicated research Wi-Fi component in specifically-equipped locations to support mobile network research.
    • The Wi-Fi supplies 2 access types: one for slow and IoT devices, and another for super-fast wireless devices in excess of 1GB/s.


Though the HSRN is a secure network, it does not provide data encryption or HIPAA level data protections; data on this network is treated as insecure data. (See Electronic Data and System Risk Classification Policy)

Partnerships and Access

A Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) research faculty governance group provides oversight and input to NYU IT regarding HSRN planning and operations

We encourage researchers to request funding to connect to the HSRN in their research grant proposals. The HSRN team can help researchers with the information about NYU facilities and equipment needed for your grant applications. Contact hsrn-support@nyu.edu to request assistance.