Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

NYU high performance computing (HPC) clusters and related resources are available to full-time NYU faculty as well as NYU staff and students with sponsorship from a full-time NYU faculty member.

  • Sponsored accounts are active for 12 months. Accounts can be renewed as they reach the end of their active period.
  • Faculty, students and staff from the NYU School of Medicine require the sponsorship of an eligible NYU faculty member to access NYU HPC clusters.
  • Non-NYU researchers/collaborators can apply for affiliate status before applying for an NYU HPC account. A full-time NYU faculty member must sponsor a non-NYU collaborator for an affiliate status. Please see instructions for affiliate management.

Step 2: Get an HPC Account

To request an NYU HPC account, please log into NYU Identity Management service and follow the link for Request HPC account.

  • If you are working remotely, NYU VPN is required.
  • If you are a student or an external collaborator you need an NYU faculty sponsor.
  • If you need additional detail, please see Getting and Renewing an Account on the HPC user support site (Google Sites) or email

Step 3: Access HPC Systems

For information about accessing and using HPC clusters, please see the HPC Support site (Google Sites).

Information for HPC Faculty Sponsors

All full-time NYU faculty members (other than NYU Med School) are eligible to become sponsors, and in turn can sponsor:

  • NYU degree program students
  • Scholars visiting NYU
  • NYU research staff
  • NYU School of Medicine faculty, staff and students
  • Other NYU staff/affiliates with a NetID
  • Non-NYU researchers with whom they are actively collaborating

You can request a NetID for your student(s) or collaborator(s) on the NYU Start page. The request form has additional information about affiliates.

HPC Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities

All NYU faculty members acting as a sponsor for an HPC user are responsible for fulfilling the following obligations:

  • Approving, managing, or disabling sponsored users associated with you
  • Approving or rejecting the purpose for which a sponsored user is requesting an account on NYU HPC resources
  • Agreeing to supervise the sponsored individual, to the extent necessary, to ensure proper use of the NYU HPC resources and compliance with all applicable policies
  • Responding promptly to account-related requests from HPC staff

Each year, your sponsored users must renew their account. You will need to approve the renewal by logging into the NYU Identity Management service.