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NYU supports high performance computing (HPC) and networking for researchers and scholars whose work is computer-intensive. The service includes shared cycles on several high performance clusters equipped with a variety of research software packages, and the option to purchase additional storage beyond standard allocation.

HPC Stories in the Download

  • Climate Change, Machine Learning, and Ocean Turbulence

    NYU Courant researcher Laure Zanna is leading a team that's using the new Greene supercomputer to study ocean turbulence and sea level rise and generate climate change predictions.

  • The Psychics of Physics

    From physics to Fortran, learn how NYU Courant's Edwin Gerber uses HPC resources, including NYU's Greene supercomputer, to simplify climate modeling and advance climate change research.

  • Introducing Greene: NYU’s Newest Supercomputer

    NYU's new supercomputer, Greene, is online and connected to an incredibly fast network! Hear from some of the University's researchers about what this powerful new tool means for research across all academic fields.

  • NYU Holodeck: One Step Closer to Star Trek Tech

    NYU IT high performance computing specialists Robert Pahle and Stratos Efstathiadis discuss the Holodeck, an ambitious shared virtual environment.

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