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Solidscape 3Z Max2

The Solidscape Max2 is our high-resolution 3D wax printer for investment casting production. The Solidscape 3Z Max2 prints high-accuracy and extreme-detail 3D production that can be used for biomedical, dental, engineering, jewelry and specialty design production, in addition to mold-making applications.

Read more about this printer in the Download article Wax to Metal, The Evolution of 3D Metal Printing.

Solidscape 3Z Max2 printer

Solidscape 3Z Max2 Pricing

Object Time (hours) $
1 " Cube (High Speed) 4.73 $18.40
1 " Cube (High Detail) 7.98 $24.00
Size 7 Simple Band Ring 4mm wide (High Speed) 0.86 $9.60
Size 7 Simple Band Ring 4mm wide (High Detail) 1.5 $9.60
4" Tall Standing Human Figure (High Speed) 20.6 $48.80
4" Tall Standing Human Figure (High Detail) 32.59 $71.20
1/2" combo wrench (High Speed) 10 $28.80
1/2" combo wrench (High Detail) 14.87 $38.40
3" Human Bust (High Speed) 53.42 $122.40
3" Human Bust (High Detail) 75.85 $166.40